From The Editor

  1. The Top 5 Field Technologies Articles Of 2017

    2017 has been an exciting year in field service! Some of my personal favorite topics to cover have been how field service is shifting to be such a strategic part of the business, the growing importance of a major focus on the customer experience, and the discussion of how Augmented Reality (AR) is beginning to take hold in field service. I had the opportunity this year to interview some wonderful field service leaders, and it was my honor to share their insights, struggles, and wins with you.

  2. Turning The ELD Headache Into An Opportunity

    Last week was the deadline for compliance with the ELD mandate. However, many statistics are flying around about the number of companies required to be compliant that have yet to roll out an ELD solution. Avoiding the mandate, however, won’t make it go away.

  3. Tackling The Field Service Talent Problem

    One of the biggest challenges facing the field service industry right now is the aging workforce. Under the umbrella of that one challenge are actually a handful of really big problems.

  4. 5 Essential Questions That Will Shape Your AR Strategy

    James Heppelman, president and CEO of PTC, recently co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review along with Michael E. Porter, a University Professor at Harvard. The article, titled “Why Every Organization Needs An Augmented Reality Strategy,” takes a deep dive into how Augmented Reality (AR) is impacting our world, especially from a business sense.

  5. The Foundation Of Providing Good Service

    Customers want knowledgeable field service workers, on-time appointments, and first-time resolution. Your goal should be, and probably is, to provide all of those things. But in reality, you will at times fall short. And when you do, you need to fall back on one element that is the foundation of good service.

  6. Does Your Company Need A CCO?

    I came across an article on Forrester’s blog today titled, “What Chief Customer Officers Talk About Over Dinner,” written by VP and research director Harley Manning. My first thought upon reading this headline was, I wonder how many field service organizations even have a CCO (chief customer officer)? If I’m being honest, CCO is a term that not too long ago I would have laughed off – especially specifically for field service. But as the focus on customer experience grows and grows among field service leaders, I realize that there is value in a CCO-type title taking charge of the customer journey (whether you call them your CCO or something else).

  7. Keep Calm And Field Service On

    There is a vast amount of both transformation and innovation taking place in field service. Is that exciting and invigorating? Yes. Is it also incredibly overwhelming for many organizations? Yes. Take a deep breath.

  8. 3 Field Service Fatal Flaws

    Field service has changed drastically in recent years – even in the past year. Whether you consider good field service to be an art or a science or something in between, what it takes to master field service is not the same as it was even a year ago. The result of that rapid and drastic change is that there are many field service organizations committing these field service “fatal flaws,” be it because they think the old way of doing business is working just fine, or because they just aren’t sure how to evolve.

  9. Taking A DIY Approach To Mobile Application Development

    Titan Machinery owns and operates a network of full-service agriculture and construction equipment dealerships. The company has more than 2,500 employees working from nearly 120 locations across the United States and Europe. After a lengthy ERP upgrade initiative, Titan was looking for a simple way to extend mobile capabilities to its 335 field service technicians.

  10. A Potential Game Changer For iOS Enterprise Support

    I did a Q&A in April with Neal Ratner, manager of business innovation at Applus + Energy and Power titled “When An Apple Fan Is Forced To Choose Android.” Neal and I discussed the fact that, while he’s an avid Apple fan, there were some important reasons that, for his company’s use, he simply couldn’t recommend the use of the devices. Here’s what he had to say...