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  1. Improving Your Retail Form Solutions

    As the pressure from competitors like Amazon and eBay continues to grow, many retail organizations are looking for new ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and optimize their overall customer service experience.  Large retail outlets like Blockbuster, Circuit City, and most recently ToysRUs, have been forced to close their doors over the past years because they were too slow to react to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

  2. IoT Terminals Enable Intelligent Waste Management

    Garbage collection is an essential public service in modern-day life that is often taken for granted. Nonetheless, ensuring that our trash and recyclables are efficiently and properly collected and disposed of can be difficult and time-consuming, not to mention costly.

  3. IoT Terminals Are The Next Stop For Smart School Bus Inspection And Fleet Management

    School bus service contractors are responsible for getting students to and from school safely and soundly. Besides picking up and dropping off students at designated stops along the bus route, school bus operators are also responsible for inspecting their vehicles before each journey to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. For an operator of a large fleet of school buses, manually inspecting each bus used to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive affair.

  4. The Trends Transforming On-the-Go Business

    How to position your business for success in a connected, mobile, data-based world.

  5. Improved Productivity & Payroll With GPS Fleet Tracking

    You have the best drivers and vehicles. Now how do you get best practices in place to ensure maximum efficiency, and thus maximum profitability?

  6. Create A Future-Ready Field Force with CSG Workforce Express

    The industry's leading field service management solution, CSG Workforce Express helps your teams work smarter, work faster, work better.

  7. Unlimited Historical Telematics Data

    A misconception about GPS providers is that all of them offer unlimited historical telematics data. This is not the case. How far back GPS providers offer telematics data varies anywhere from 90 days, six months, one year, two years, etc. While it may not seem important initially to choose a provider that offers open access to unlimited historical telematics data, there are a few reasons it is.

  8. The Top 3 Reasons Companies Implement A Telematics System

    There are a host of reasons why companies decide to implement a telematics system into their business. Every business is unique, but usually face one of three common business challenges when it relates to their vehicles and equipment.

  9. The Top 4 Reasons GPS Tracking Initiatives Fail

    There are many benefits to using GPS tracking in your fleet operations. However, there can be issues that arise that cause the initiative to fail. Whether you are looking to implement GPS tracking for the first time or looking to change providers, there are four common challenges to be aware of that cause people to give up on the technology before they get the chance to experience the benefits.

  10. 6 Steps To Field Service Profitability

    The evolution of field service from a cost center to a profit center has been ongoing for the past decade – and in some industries, field service has emerged as a critical and even primary profit generator.