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The Real Cost Of Paper
The Real Cost Of Paper

In today’s economy, businesses are always searching for another way to reduce expenses, eliminate excess, and increase efficiencies across processes. Furthermore, today’s advanced technology has allotted these businesses even more avenues to achieve these benchmarks. Digital documents, email communication, and cloud storage has become more accessible and secure for even the smallest of businesses.

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  • Less Paperwork Leads To More Accuracy, More Reliability And Greater Efficiency
    Less Paperwork Leads To More Accuracy, More Reliability And Greater Efficiency

    KHAFRA Operation Services, a Georgia corporation, is a full-service contract operations firm offering numerous operation services for both public and private sector clients. Since incorporating in 2004, KHAFRA has grown to 33 employees delivering expert operation services to municipal, state and federal clients for infrastructure solutions, deployment services, facility management and project  management. Beyond serving the needs of its clients, a significant segment of KHAFRA’s business consists of large-scale deployment, installation and inspection of water meters including Mobile Meter Management and meter automation. To be competitive, KHAFRA must be able to install meters faster and cheaper than their competition, while also delivering 100 percent accuracy and reliability in the field.

  • How An App Enabled Oklahoma Highway Patrol To Save Lives, Time, And Money
    How An App Enabled Oklahoma Highway Patrol To Save Lives, Time, And Money

    When the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) joined the search for a man suspected of killing a sheriff’s deputy earlier this year, the law enforcement agency used ArcGIS Online and Workforce for ArcGIS to properly position more than 100 troopers as the dragnet tightened.

  • Pon Cat Boosts Technician And Billing Efficiency With Trimble FSM Solution
    Pon Cat Boosts Technician And Billing Efficiency With Trimble FSM Solution

    Pon Equipment & Power Power B.V. (Pon Cat), the official Caterpillar dealer in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, needed to improve their service scheduling and dispatching process and increase the available hours of their technicians, who provide heavy equipment maintenance and repair services to customers in four countries. 

  • Gulfport Energy Saves Time And Money With New Field Data Collection Apps
    Gulfport Energy Saves Time And Money With New Field Data Collection Apps

    Gulfport Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To best serve its shareholders, the company is using technology to reduce costs while the market is tight and to prepare for the inevitable rebound. Gulfport puts geographic information system (GIS) technology at the core of many critical activities and operations conducted in the office and the field.

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  • Overcoming Barriers To Invest In Further Field Service Innovation

    Field service is riper with innovation than ever before. There are more advanced technologies to enable business transformation than ever before. Sounds like a simple equation, right? For most companies, it isn’t. There are some significant barriers to technology investment that make forward progress anything but simple.

Your Field Service Peers Offer Their Best Advice

Each field service organization is different, every strategic initiative unique. However, as we’ve learned throughout this issue, there are some very common struggles shared among service-related industries and a lot to be learned from your peers (even if they are in a different vertical market) who have experienced different processes or projects you have not yet. I asked the field service leaders I interviewed for this issue to share their words of wisdom on field service optimization.

The Future Of Field Service

Learn the processes, technologies, tools, and tricks leading field service companies today are using to optimize operations and prepare for the next phase of field service.

IoT And Augmented Reality Take Hold In Field Service

While there are a number of “up-and-coming” technologies in field service, the two we’ve heard the most about this year are the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR). IoT is certainly further along in adoption than AR is, and we are seeing that many companies have successful IoT deployments, migrating to predictive service models, using IoT to make better business decisions, and even leveraging IoT to increase service revenues.

Prioritizing Top Field Service Strategic Initiatives

With the pressures field service organizations are facing, most are working diligently to prioritize the strategic initiatives they feel will help them address those challenges, remain competitive, and maximize revenue. Just as the challenges facing field service are often interrelated, many of the top strategic initiatives are, as well. However, the companies having the most success with advancing their service operations are doing so by determining which of these initiatives will have the greatest impact on their company, starting with that, and then moving down the list.

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  • SRM Contact Center
    SRM Contact Center With over 30 years of service management software industry experience, CSDP’s SRM © Contact Center software is specifically designed to deploy quickly and help our clients reduce costs while significantly increasing customer satisfaction and service request efficiencies as part of an end-to-end service lifecycle management solution.
  • SRM Dispatch/Mobile
    SRM Dispatch/Mobile The SRM© Service Dispatch software is a powerful tool for managing and coordinating communications, assignment, warranty entitlement and labor tracking across your service lifecycle management organization.
  • ViryaNet G4 Smart Meter For Utilities
    ViryaNet G4 Smart Meter For Utilities

    ViryaNet G4 Smart Meter is a pre-packaged vertical-specific solution, geared towards utility companies trying to improve their field service meter-related business processes.

  • SRM Warranty Entitlment
    SRM Warranty Entitlment Our Warranty Entitlement SRM © software can provide the framework to turn your service center into a revenue generating operation.
  • Astea Alliance Tools: Alliance Links
    Astea Alliance Tools: Alliance Links

    Alliance Links provide the framework to exchange data and integrate Astea Alliance processes with a wide range of applications – such as for coordinating Alliance Logistics service parts inventory with ERP inventory, connecting remote equipment monitoring to Alliance Contact Center, and interfacing Alliance Mobile applications to wireless data transmission services.

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