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Creating A Customer Experience That Drives Field Service Profitability

Leading service organizations are succeeding by striking the perfect balance between technology, flexible processes, and sales psychology-driven behaviors.

How Location Intelligence Drives Efficient Field Operations

Fully utilizing location data improves various field service functions.

4 Real-World Steps For Transforming From A Cost Center To A Profit Center

Editor-In-Chief Sarah Nicastro talks one-on-one with Ryan Snellings of Fresenius Kabi about how the company is reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Embrace The Changes Telematics Can Bring

This transportation company saved $300,000 the first year its telematics solution was in place, which led to further innovation.

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  • Customer Experience In Field Service: The Journey From Good To Great
    Customer Experience In Field Service: The Journey From Good To Great

    Customer expectations have never been greater. Organizations today benchmark their service goals based on consumer experiences from the likes of Uber, Amazon and Netflix. From chatbots to real-time updates, automated appointment booking to escalation via social networks - “always on” is the norm instead of a differentiator. Are you able to meet these increasing demands, while offering multiple contract types, variable SLA’s and doing all of this ever more profitably? Learn how to deliver a superior customer experience throughout the entire service lifecycle, without losing sight of your bottom line.

  • Deliver Smarter Service To Your Customer

    What tools and technology should field service organizations look for to facilitate enabling their field teams to provide faster, smarter service?

  • Fix Your Technician Resource Gap

    70% of companies will face a field service talent deficit from retirement in the coming 10 years. To fix the technician labor force shortage, you can either hire the next generation of field engineers—the millennials—or consider leveraging contingent or third-party technicians . . . or a combination of the two! Both options pose challenges and rewards that you need to consider.

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  • KORE Tablet And Managed Connectivity Solution
    KORE Tablet And Managed Connectivity Solution

    The KORE Complete Managed IoT Field Services Solutions.

  • GPS Insight Fleet Tracking And E-Log Solutions
    GPS Insight Fleet Tracking And E-Log Solutions

    Businesses with vehicles, equipment, and other high-value assets typically turn to GPS fleet tracking solutions with one of three issues:

    1. They are concerned with driver and public safety.
    2. They don’t know where or how their vehicles and equipment are being driven or used.
    3. They have inefficient processes that waste valuable time and money.
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