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Imagine A Fitbit-Like Field Service Experience
Imagine A Fitbit-Like Field Service Experience

It’s the New Year, and gyms are packed full with people full of resolve to get healthy. Many of those people, including myself, now use an exercise-tracking device like a Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch to track their activity and help stay motivated. The question is, what can we in the field service industry learn from the use of these exercise-tracking devices?

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  • Top 3 Logistics Company Reaps Big Benefits From New Mobile Power Management System
    Top 3 Logistics Company Reaps Big Benefits From New Mobile Power Management System

    A well-known Top 3 logistics company was experiencing significant problems with their mobile devices in their thousands of warehouses and outlet locations nationwide. Their mobile devices were regularly failing mid-shift, which not only caused staff productivity losses, but worst of all, it hurt the overall customer experience. The company knew that it had a battery problem, but had no solution other than to regularly pay the exorbitant costs of a complete refresh of all mobile batteries. Since they couldn’t separate the good batteries from the bad there seemed to be no other choice at the time.

  • Rugged Tablets Improve Customers Satisfaction For Freight Company With Electronic Proof Of Delivery
    Rugged Tablets Improve Customers Satisfaction For Freight Company With Electronic Proof Of Delivery

    With the trend of the “Internet of things,” the logistics industry is facing a transformation from traditional paper-based to electronic processes for deliveries. To avoid human errors, out-of-sync of information, and low productivity, etc., freight companies are trying to leverage Proof of Delivery solutions to be more efficient and accurate at delivery. Not only are they helping drivers with the powerful tools, but they are also providing better customer service and improving the satisfaction.

  • Government Contractor Improves Parking & Ticketing Process With Handheld Mobile Devices
    Government Contractor Improves Parking & Ticketing Process With Handheld Mobile Devices

    On-Street parking tickets written by traffic wardens require a lot of labor costs as it not only takes time, but also demands that Information is input later to create an electronic database. Utilizing connected devices with thermal printers to issue parking tickets by on-street parking administrators to improve work efficiency of parking management and decrease the total cost of ownership.

  • Vehicle Mount Terminal Improves Road Safety, Enabling Better Risk Management
    Vehicle Mount Terminal Improves Road Safety, Enabling Better Risk Management

    According to the report of Australian Traffic Safety Administration, about 30% of fatalities are related to fatigue. In the United States, commercial truck collisions due to fatigue cause more than a thousand deaths and 70 thousand injuries every year. Fatigue and drowsy driving are suspected to be one of the leading causes of road fatalities. In the mining industry, fatigue has led to large-scale accidents, causing multiple fatalities over the past hundred years. It is common for employees of the mining industry to work multiple consecutive long-hour shifts, and then drive long road trips to return home after suffering fatigue from work.

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  • Field Service Shared Struggles

    They say misery loves company, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say these challenges are causing field service leaders misery, I would say they are causing their fair share of stress and probably some sleepless nights. So take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone in your struggles — your peers are up against the same challenges you are, and are alongside you in the trenches looking for ways to conquer them.

A Look Ahead: Field Service Leaders Share Their Next Technology Investment

We asked our survey respondents what technology is next on their road map for 2018. Fifty percent of respondents plan to invest in new mobile devices.

IoT And Augmented Reality Take Hold In Field Service

While there are a number of “up-and-coming” technologies in field service, the two we’ve heard the most about this year are the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR). IoT is certainly further along in adoption than AR is, and we are seeing that many companies have successful IoT deployments, migrating to predictive service models, using IoT to make better business decisions, and even leveraging IoT to increase service revenues.

Prioritizing Top Field Service Strategic Initiatives

With the pressures field service organizations are facing, most are working diligently to prioritize the strategic initiatives they feel will help them address those challenges, remain competitive, and maximize revenue. Just as the challenges facing field service are often interrelated, many of the top strategic initiatives are, as well. However, the companies having the most success with advancing their service operations are doing so by determining which of these initiatives will have the greatest impact on their company, starting with that, and then moving down the list.

The Future Of Field Service

Learn the processes, technologies, tools, and tricks leading field service companies today are using to optimize operations and prepare for the next phase of field service.

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  • CN51 Mobile Computer
    CN51 Mobile Computer

    When business depends on mobile workers being nimble, empowered and well informed, having flexible, multi-function technology tools in their hands is always a smart idea.

  • Honeywell 4800i Industrial 2D Image Scanner
    Honeywell 4800i Industrial 2D Image Scanner The 4800i Industrial 2D Area Imager, powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0, decodes faster, farther, and future-proofs your investment. This means employees spend less time trying to capture data, and more time creating a productive and cost effective work environment.
  • Algiz XRW Rugged Laptop
    Algiz XRW Rugged Laptop The Algiz XRW® represents a revolutionary step in mobile computing. This ultra-rugged notebook combines unprecedented performance in the field with a slim, lightweight and compact design which is unique to the market.
  • Archer Field PC
    Archer Field PC The Archer Field PC is undoubtedly an ultra-rugged device designed to survive the harshest conditions. In addition to being built to IP67 and MIL-STD-810G standards, this rugged pda is uniquely built with a strong magnesium case and easy to grip, impact absorbing overmolds. The Archer's ergonomic design is attributed to its curved body and narrow waist, feeling less like a "brick" and more like a compact rugged handheld. Need sub-meter GPS? The Hemisphere GPS XF101 receiver paired with the Archer delivers superior accuracy and performance for both real-time and post-processed positions.
  • Datamax-O’Neil Andes 3 Printer
    Datamax-O’Neil Andes 3 Printer The Datamax-O’Neil Andes 3 printer was designed for the rough and tumble environment of the mobile field worker. Rugged, lightweight and easy to use, the Andes 3 is the perfect choice for companies who need a durable printer at an affordable price.
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